Frequently Asked Questions

The Napa Valley School of Massage will award you 250, 500, and 1000 hours of credit. These courses are approved by the State of California Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education. (Approval to operate means compliance with state standards as set forth in the Ed. Code.) www.bppe.ca.gov

We offer an outstanding 250 hour Online Course. There are 27 lessons in all. Then it is time for you to enjoy two weeks of hands-on training in the beautiful Napa Valley at no additional charge. Your lodging in the Napa Valley is included in the very affordable tuition. The online course is the same curriculum as our Basic Restorative Massage course. The online course is $3,000.00 plus a $300.00 registration fee.
All you need to do is pay for your transportation to Napa and your meals while doing a two-week Massage Internship.

Although our Standard Basic 250 hour course is usually taught in four months, this same outstanding course can be done in a two month semi-intensive or a one month intensive. As you can see, we have several exciting courses designed to fit your schedule. These programs offer the very best and most affordable massage courses you will find anywhere.

Many have found employment (see our performance fact sheet) but individual results will vary. After graduation, you will be able to work in a sports facility, doctor's office or spa. You may even want to open your own massage business. We provide a list of places you may contact to inquire about employment.

We encourage all potential students to tour the facility prior to enrolling. Choosing a school is a very important decision. We want you to see first hand the Napa Valley School of Massage's excellent facilities and quality instruction.

We have prepared a catalog for the Napa Valley School of Massage and is available to you online. Please refer to these pages. We look forward to hearing from you.

While any massage trainging will help a little, our materials is not specifically designed for national exams. We are not an SNCTMB assigned School. Our focus is more on pratical direct job placement.

Some scholarships are available on a case by case basis. In addition, the Napa Valley School of Massage can offer you a reasonable payment plan.

The Napa Valley School of Massage has a comfortable dorm room for visiting students. This room is located in one of the Napa Valley School of Massage's buildings and is reserved for students enrolled in the one month intensive program or for students completing their online program.

Travel to Napa is very easy. You should book your flight to the San Francisco International Airport. When you arrive at SFO, you should claim your baggage and proceed outside to the Evans Airport Shuttle to Napa. Evans can be contacted at (707) 255-1559 to inquire about shuttle departure times and to make a reservation. The shuttle to Napa costs $29 one way. The Evans Napa office is a short taxi ride to the Napa Valley School of Massage. Please let us know in advance when you are planning to come to Napa.

Yes. Once you are enrolled and have paid your tuition, the Napa Valley School of Massage will provide you with a letter documenting your enrollment and the length of your program. This should allow you to apply for a Student Visa.

Instruction at the Napa Valley School of Massage is open to any and all individuals who have at least a high school education prior to enrollment or who successfully take and pass the relevant examination as required by section 94904 of the Code.

All courses at the Napa Valley School of Massage have Approval to operate by the State of California's Bureau of Private and Post secondary Education. We carefully follow the guidelines set but the California Bureau of Private and Post Secondary Education. We believe these guidelines ensure a quality experience for the students. (Approval to operate means compliance with state standards as set forth in the Ed. Code.) www.bppe.ca.gov


Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. New students are started every week.

Yes, but when you graduate from the 250 hour course, the 250 hours you earned are credited toward the 500 hour course. In addition to academic credit, you will also be given credit for the tuition you paid. Likewise when you complete the 500 hour course you will be given credit toward the 750 hour course. With advanced placement in the next level courses, you will be well on your way toward completion of the Advanced 1000 hour course.

Your diploma will read that you have been trained in Restorative Massage Therapy, Intermediate Restorative Massage Therapy, Acupressure for Therapists, or tAdvanced Restorative Massage Therapy. In addition, you will receive basic instruction in preparation of your own liniments and massage oils. You will also be introduced to several healing herbs as part of your massage therapy training.

We feel the labor market for massage therapy is excellent but it's all dependent of location, drive of the individual and the economic landscape. Complementary and alternative healing modalities have at our own facilities dramatically in the past ten years. We predict that this trend will continue as people assume more responsibility for their own health and well-being.

The 250 and 500 hour Online or classroom Courses are only $3,000 each. You can earn up to 500 hours by completing both online courses. Each of the two online courses are blended with ten days of practical training in the beautiful Napa Valley. The 750 hour Course done entirely on the Napa Campus (none of the coursework online) is $3,000 . The 1000 hour course is $3,000 (none of the coursework online). A $ 300 non-refundable registration fee is charged to the tuition of the first course.

Absolutely! All our courses are specially designed so that you can work 8-5 and still attend class in the evening. If you do not live in the Napa area, you can take the Online Course and do your two week Massage Internship in the Napa Valley during your vacation.