The Napa Valley School of Massage Catalog 2020.

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Instruction and courses offered


The Napa Valley School of Massage requires proof of high school graduation, equivalent, or most recent educational diplomas. Any other prerequisites are specified in individual classes.

Ability to Benefit

Before an ability-to-benefit student may execute an enrollment agreement, the Napa Valley School of Massage shall have the student take an independently administered examination from the list of examinations prescribed by the United States Department of Education pursuant to Section 484(d) of the federal Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. Sec. 1070a et seq.) as it is, from time to time, amended. The student may not enroll unless the student achieves a score, as specified by the United States Department of Education, demonstrating that the student may benefit from the education and training being offered. A list of approved ATB examinations can be found here.


To register, students must submit a completed Enrollment application and Enrollment Agreement along with the required payment for the program of their choice. Upon acceptance, the student will begin classes and typically is expected to finish in six months.

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